Life currently sucks.

As you all probably know that the show is a living trainwreck at the moment, another tragedy hit us like a truck only a few days ago.

If you've never seen this before, sorry for bringing the bad news, but our beloved Club Penguin is shutting down in March and being replaced with a s*ittier 3-D version.

*moment of silence*

That is right, the home of our favorite childhood memories is going to be replaced with Club Penguin Island, a more modern game focused on basically the same thing. I know what you're thinking, "But Emma if it's being upgraded isn't that a good thing?" And my child, here's why you're wrong.

I, for one, hate change. Unlike what Barney from How I Met Your Mother once pioneered for (if you saw the show you would've known what I'm talking about), change is bad. Just the thought of doing something slighty out of my comfort zone makes me nervous. "But you only live once, you should have some fun yada yada ya" Speaking as an openly introverted person, I'd rather be playing Undertale in my dark room on a Friday night than hanging out my friends in the park.

The mere post that discovered the future of CP shocked me. The game was fine just as it was. For 11 years, it was a place of mine and millions of oher kids and teens' (and on an occasion 40 year old pedophile's) memories and moments.

In memory of the online game, here are some of my favorite things that happened there:

-staying up till 3 am having a pizza party while listening to Grimes

-spamming the chat with I Write Sins lyrics

-my pet puffles Tyler and Josh still being alive and well after not checking in on them for 3 months oops 

-that one time in 3rd grade when I had a karaoke battle with my irl enemy and winning :D

life updates and other (weee)

This didn't make much sense, so I'm gonna make it a minor life update.

  • MAJOR NEWS!!!!

I have not one, but TWO friends now! That is right, this socially awkward bean has people irl who want to hang out with her and don't find her annoying!

    • that's why I've been ia recently, I've been spending more time with them outside of school :D (pls be proud of me)
  • I hate school. In other news, water is wet.
  • Sadly, I've been losing interest in this show because of the entire JDC and Falco situation going on (fyi, I'm not gonna discuss this publicly. I've said my thoughts clearly in chat multiple times now). The most reason why I still go on here because I <3 Melody, Bal, Sky and all of the other pals who hang here. I've been losing general interest in Wikia and Just Dance as well, and moving on to other things, such as YouTubers and anime.
    • I've also been determined to improve my Spanish skills and learn to play the guitar. I've been taking Spanish courses online for over a year now, and I've actually got a guitar for 4 years but never got around learning it. I also highly want to improve my crappy drawing skills (since my new friends love digital art, they inspire me to try it myself.

And that's my random life update for now, have a good night/day and goodbye!

Logging off for now,


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