Dancer and I decided to make a wiki shop. Here's a thread all about it:

The avatars are being made, and here are just prewiev of what is to come! And yes I watermarked it to prevent thieves. By the way, I know what you're thinking. Those are pretty avatars BUT YOU CAN'T USE THEM. Those avatars are for eyes only. You can't download them. They're for email purposes only. In case you do so, you will get a warning. If you're interested in purchasing them, wait until the shop officialy opens and place your order via email. And DON'T REQUEST THE AVATARS FOR YOURSELF. Follow the rules here ( you can only ask for avatars if you're in the show. Thank you. ==Emma Packs == My Looks pack! - contains what I look like in show and in real life. 

Favorte Artists Pack! - contains Alessia Cara in I'm Yours, Melanie Martinez in Pity Party and Halsey in Ghost. 

Random pack! - contains Miranda Sings, Unicorn and brendon Urie in I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

Favorite Shows Pack! - contains Aria from Pretty Little Liars, Blair from Gossip Girl and Jake from Adventure time.

Favorite Movies Pack! - contains Minion, Anna from Frozen and Katniss from The Hunger Games.

Dancer's Packs 

To see Dancer's, go to


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