If you're alive and on this wiki, you would've known that I hate Kelly Clarkson and other people worship her. I got so many hate for saying that out loud, even death threats. But why would so many people hate me and even planned a murder because of my opinion? I will never know that, I guess. 

Listen, this got way out of hand. Everyone has their different opinions, and you have to respect that. It's called tolerance. Alyssa doesn't like Panic!, while I'm a fanatic, but I didn't tell her that I hate her and I'll kill her, nor spammed her message wall with Panic! music videos. People who say so many things about make you sound like little, immature kids, even though you're a teenager.

Plus, I Hate Kelly Clarkson and Emo Is Amazing! ?! For real, I don't want to sing that song. You're making me sound like a little kid who doesn't have tolerance. This "joke" is already bad. Back. Stabber? and Meatphorical Joke!? You don't even need 2 episodes for that. I don't think killing somebody so much is a joke.

This will someday take a toll on you. Even though you're over 13, I could still go to Community Central and tell them to block you for death threats and immaturity. Even Dancer, who made me a bureucrat. But I won't.

So before you say one more hate word about me, renember who worked so hard to make the theme and background, helped Ballerina with Sassy Models, got the relationship idea into this show, changed the poll every day and stayed up late to be on chat. Just renember.

Don't you dare talk to me on chat. I am so f***ing p*ssed right now I won't go on this wiki till tommorrow. Good luck with today's poll. 

Think about what you did. Just think.

TheEmmaShow (talk) 07:17, April 17, 2016 (UTC)TheEmmaShow

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