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This is the promised blog where you'll find the rules, info, and nominations! I don't wanna bore you with useless facts so, let's just get started.



  • Nominating will be held annonymus. You will get a Google survey you need to answer. For the first round, you can pick whoever you want to win. In the second round, the 4 with the most votes will be continued, and you'll need to pick one of them. The one with the most votes will be the winner of the category.
  • There will be a category called "Best main cast member". This is the only category you can't pick your choice in the first round. There are only 5 of them and: Ballerina, Dancer, Emma, Natalia and Kitty will receive a vote. However, in the second round, you can normally pick one of them.
  • You cannot nominate yourself. If you do, your nomination will not count.
  • Also, don't share your nominations! If you comment them, your comment will be deleted.

The link to start nominating:



Voting will last to June 1st.

The link to start voting:


  • Best main cast member
  • Best guest star member
  • Best cover
  • Best original song
  • Best episode in season 1
  • Best episode in season 2
  • Best episode in season 3
  • Best episode in general
  • Best plot
  • The character with the best impact
  • Best admin on the wiki
  • Best student of Sing It! Academy 
  • Most creative song
  • The person you think was the biggest help with the episodes
  • And finally, a special award for Ballerina for creating this show.
  • Also, you will nominate the two people who you want to be the hosts.


Day: Wednesday, June 1st.

Time: We still haven't decided.

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