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  • I live in a box
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is being annoying
  • I am overly emotional
  • TheEmmaShow


    March 8, 2017 by TheEmmaShow

    Yes, the title is truly the same thing what you're thinking about.

    On this particularly sick Wednesday (this is the 3rd time I've been sick in the past month, God help me), I've come to deliver this heavy-hearted message to you: I have decided to quit the wiki and JD: Meant To Be in particular. There are a few reasons behind this decision I've been thinking about for the past few days.

    First of all, this wiki is completely dead: Ballerina has been inactive for the past two weeks and the last time I made an edit was 4 days ago. It's so dry in here I'm beginning to doubt if anyone is gonna actually read this and respond. This community has been in this shape since Dancer's leave back in November. And the show? It's not any better, either. Ever…

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  • TheEmmaShow


    Life currently sucks.

    As you all probably know that the show is a living trainwreck at the moment, another tragedy hit us like a truck only a few days ago.

    If you've never seen this before, sorry for bringing the bad news, but our beloved Club Penguin is shutting down in March and being replaced with a s*ittier 3-D version.

    That is right, the home of our favorite childhood memories is going to be replaced with Club Penguin Island, a more modern game focused on basically the same thing. I know what you're thinking, "But Emma if it's being upgraded isn't that a good thing?" And my child, here's why you're wrong.

    I, for one, hate change. Unlike what Barney from How I Met Your Mother once pioneered for (if you saw the show you would've known…

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  • TheEmmaShow

    We are under attack

    January 6, 2017 by TheEmmaShow

    It all started out peacefully. I was chilling on my phone, listening to music when all of a sudden I got a notification. John texted in the Twitter MTB groupchat, and something unexpected happened.

    You see, John informed us about a move from our newly made rivals we've never seen coming. And I'm talking about this:

    Apparently, there's a show on the Philippines-based TV network GMA called Meant To Be. It's not a musical show, but it's about 4 guys and one girl and the love triangle bulls**t you've seen about 1000 times already, yada yada yada.

    And I know what you're thinking, "But Emma, the only similaritiy is the name, and the name wasn't even made by us, how could we know they're copying us?"

    Well little Einstein…

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  • TheEmmaShow

    Hello guys! It's your *favorite* admin, Emma! This time I'm going back at ya with a new series, Just Another Staff Blog and I'll adress important issues, and believe me, there are many. 

    The most important issue is that we have too many Live! Chat moderators, mostly because Dancer sees the good in everybody and every new users just becomes a moderator. It's the same issue with newly made admins. Not to shade Kitten, I'm good friends with her, but seriously - she was kicked 2 times for spamming, and Monkey (whom I'm also good friends with) sweared without censorship multiple times, and a day later, Dancer said he apologised and gave him powers again. What?

    My prompt is: new stricter rules. And if someone promotes the second party without foll…

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  • TheEmmaShow

    This is the news I've been telling all this time. This is gonna be the MOST EPIC giveaway you've ever seen. You can request everything from squares, banners, profile pics to message wall greetings and more!

    Alright, so the first thing is a username tag! You can pick which font, or if you would like it to be ombre with different colors! Sounds sweet, right?

    There are two styles you can pick from:

    However, if you want the first style, here's the font guide you can pick from.

    Happy requesting! :D

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