Hello guys! This is a quiz to help decide which main character from JD: Meant To Be you are. Everyone is welcome to play, even the main cast members, though they cannot cheat to get the character they play. Be honest, okay? Good luck!

1. Your alarm goes off. What is the song playing?

A. Smoke and Fire by Sabrina Carpenter

B. I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner

C. Fly by Maddie and Tae

D. Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE (See? I credit DNCE!)

E. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

2. Pick a color

A. Pink

B. Red

C. Purple

D. Blue

E. Black

3. Your crush asks you out on a date. What do you do?

A. Keep your cool, and say, "Sure!"

B. Smile and say, "I'll think about it."

C. Squeal, then be cool.

D. Say yes, but run your mouth.

E. "No thanks," you say, "I'm not into dates."

4. Let fate decide

A. Fate

B. Fate

C. Fate

D. Fate

E. Fate

5. Choose a song

A. Can't Blame a Girl for Trying

B. Lost Boy

C. Wild Things

D. I Kissed a Girl

E. Ievan Polkka

6. Which couple?

A. Demancer

B. Alyssath

C. Kittey

D. Natalion

E. Emma

7. Ready to see your results?




8. Ya sure?

Um.... totally!



9. One more question- are you sure?

This got annoying fast



10. Onto the result page.... and you are....

Don't leave me hangin'!

Oh, God...


Mostly As- You are Ballerina

You are Ballerina! You love Smoke and Fire, Sabrina Carpenter, and you keep your cool. Sometimes, it's hard to keep it, but that's what people love about you.

Mostly Bs- Dancer

You are Dancer! You love HBS (like your friends) and NØ. You think about things, and you aren't a lost boy. You do love Melanie Martinez, but not as much as your friends, but keep that head up, okay?

Mostly Cs- Emma

You are Emma! You love Emo, but you don't let that drag you away from your friends, who also love Emo. It's only once in a blue moon that you would date anybody, but.... that doesn't let you down!

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