Hey, everybody! This is a little game I call User of the Week. Here's how it works.....

Each user (and I mean, every user) gets to nominate another user. The two with most nominations get to move on with the voting phase. The one with most votes gets four questions to answer, and the Q&A will be posted on the homepage by yours truly. You may not nominate yourself, but you can totally support yourself. You may even nominate me, just not this week. That goes with Emma, too.

Twist of the Week

Remember the twist when nominating and voting.

Twist: You may nominate two users, though there were two users of the week last week.

Nominator List


JustADancer and KlintyWinterDrop


PinkStar19 and SabrinaCarpenterLove


JustADancer and PinkStar19





Previous Users


TheEmmaShow (May not be nominated, but may nominate)

SabrinaCarpenterLove (May not be nominated, but sure may nominate)

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