Okay, why do I feel like a loser when I start a game show? Sorry. Anyways, I came up with a new idea to replace Sassy Models because nobody cares as much as they used to. It's called Solar Stars, and we will be taking a trip around the solar system in the Milky Way galaxy. Even the Sun. So, get your solar altitude on, 'cause it's a long way 'round.​

There will be two teams of eight: the first team will be the Inner Planets. The reason why you need eight teammates in this team and the Outer Planets team is because there are four planets in each teams, and there will be two users representing one of the four planets in that team. Example:

JustADancer + MissDancer = Earth

Get it? Okay.

Casting closes on June 10th!


The challenges could be anything. Making fanmades, answering quiz questions, writing, anything. And if you can't do the challenges, then don't worry. Before I give the challenge, I will ask for challenge immunity tokens. If nobody has any, continue with the challenge. Eviction (elimination) will be posted in three days, so you have three days to complete the challenges. If you don't have them one, I will use therandomizer.amy to evict a contestant. Anything you say will not chnge that.​

Sign-Up For​m

Activeness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Username: Username

Nickname: Nickname

Team: OP or IP?

Planet: Choices depend on which team you chose.

I look foward to seeing you guys on June 11, when the games start!

Order of Our Traveling

Episode One: Mars​

Episode Two: Earth

Episode Three: Venus

Episode Four: Mercury

Episode Five: Saturn

Episode Six: Jupiter

Episode Seven: Uranus

Episode Eight: Neptune

Episode Nine (Finale): Sun

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