Hey, there, users with moxie! I'm Sabrina, and I have some news for you... I'm hosting a game show! The game show is called Sassy Models, and you work to be the original JD: Meant To Be Wiki Superstar! You must work hard, or else you're sass walked out of the runway room.

There are two signup positions: To be a co-host beside me, and to be a regular model. Co-host applications will close when I pick my two sassiest users to be co-hosts, and regular applications for regulars will close once I pick ten users to be in the competition.

How to Sign Up for Co-Host

Username: (Your username)

Model Name: (Must be sassy)

Activeness: (1-100)

Then you must give a sassy speech. The two sassiest will star beside me as co-hosts.

How to Sign Up for Model

Just about the same as Co-Host applying, but ten stars will be picked. Good luck, and don't mess up your f****** work.


My Co-Hosts and I will not accept undone work.

No excuses for undone work.

No talking back to me.

No talking back to my fabulosas.

If you don't follow these rules, sassy yourself outta here!

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