Well, hello, hello, hello! Queens and kings, welcome to Sassy Models! Please give a standing ovation for your host, Sass Sabrina! Also known as me. Kings and queens, Sassy Models is your chance to become the wiki superstar! Now, I don't like to hold the spotlight all to myself, so give it up for my co-hosts, The Fabulosa Queen and William Dancer!

Alright now, quiet down. Here are the rules:

  1. You are required to send your responses to my email ( Ask William and Fabulosa for their emails, too.
  2. Don't give me the sassy eye out of turn. 
  3. Don't talk back to me or my fabulous chick and chicko.
  4. You must have your creations sent by Friday, or else...

If you do not follow the rules, you will be eliminated. No regerts.

Kings, queens, here is the cast list:










And finally.... Starbucks.

Now for your challenge, you must make a coach for the song "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne. I suggest using Pixlr and listening to the song before there coach. Send your creations over to my email and Fabulosa's email ( and Good luck, everybody, and please don't mess it up.


I have only received two coaches so far, but due to me realizing something, here it is.

DarlingStar19- I'm a bit disappointed. Instead of making a custom, you saved a picture of a half finished (?) coach, that somebody else made. However, since I would rather have a coach that is half finished than nothing at all, you pass to the next phase!

PinkStar19- Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but I would rather have a coach that was not what I had in mind than no coach at all. You pass to the next episode!

Starbucks00- Sad that your journey ended before it even began. Even more sad that you are inactive. I got two coaches and I said that I would rather have a half finished or anything like that coach than nothing at all. Unfortunatley, due to you taking a break from Wikia... you are sassied out. Sorry about this, you won't get a second chance, so go.

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