Welcome back, everybody! Before we begin, I just want to say this... due the elimination of Starbucks, and me losing count, we have seven I might fire Dancer if he does not come on in the next few days. Now, onto business!

Fabulosa emailed me about this episode idea... and it's ID time! That's right, you will be making your own ID using the file below. Good luck!

The ID template


How It Works

Alright queens, Fabulosa here. I'm going to be teaching you how to make a Sass ID. First off, you're going to download it. I've been struggling with downloading pictures from Wikia before, so I found the way to help ya out! 

  1. Click on the picture.
  2. Click on the file name at the top of the square that pops up (the one that says: SassIDTemplate.jpg)
  3. After that, download the picture from here: 

How To Fill it in

After that, you're going to fill it in. I used PicMonkey and that's what I recommend. 

  1. Open PicMonkey.
  2. Go to Design and click "Custom".
  3. Pick the size 636 x 338 px.
  4. After it opens up, click on the little Buttefly button, which is for overlays.
  5. Click on "Your Own" and pick My Computer.
  6. Pick the Sass ID template.
  7. Drag it until it covers the entire canvas.
  8. Fill the white spots on the template with your answers; go to the "Tt" button for text. Click on the font you want and then Add Text.
  9. Change the color (optional).
  10. Your font needs to be in cursive or just plain Arial. For my text, I used Black Jack.
  11. Click on the box that pops up and start to write.
  12. Click on something else and then move the text inside of the white box.
  13. Do this over and over again until you've filled all in!
  14. For the picture box, put your profile picture using the same steps.
  15. For the Glam Avatar, put your favorite JD avatar (you can't use Primadonna, So Glamorous and 99 Luftballons).
  16. Save the picture. 
  17. You're done! Just put your ID in the comments or email us.

We will judge on the sassiest answers, not skills.

You can also use Pixlr.

That's it! You're done! That's it for this tutorial!

Which Sassy Model is your fave?

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