Hey, guys! As you know, there's some good news and some bad news, and you've probably heard the bad news from a news website or your siblings or something else, like social media. I've come to bring you sad news first, and-

No! I did not die! You think this is my ghost typing this blog right now! Ugh! Ya nasty.

But seriously, somebody had passed away, and that would be the legendary... Christina Grimmie.

Yep, she was 22, and the person who murdered her is also dead, as he had shoot himself, also.

Unfortunatley, right before he shot her, she planned on giving him a hug. And that's one of the worst wwys to reject a hug, and if not, the worst way.

But, this gave me a great idea:

What if we made an episode as a tribute to Christina? As a part of a singer week I have been planning? We could sing a solo song for each main cast member, then we all gather and sing a Christina Grimmie song.

Please leave prayers and opinions below, and I'll see you later.

Sabrina Ballerina (discuss something with me here! Thanks.) 21:31, June 16, 2016 (UTC) And love is the name.

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