(Episode starts in Meant To Be's house. The gang is hanging out. Emma comes in, jittering.)

Dancer: Okay, what's wrong?

Kitty: Isn't it obvious? She's cold.

Emma: No!!!

Ballerina: Spill it.

Emma: I got a call from Hollywood Star Records. They want us to be the opening act for Panic! At the Disco!

Ballerina: Could be better.

Emma: Fall Out Boy.

Ballerina: Better

Emma: Sabrina Carpenter

Ballerina: You kind of caught my eye.

Emma: Demi Lovato.


Ballerina: Alright, where's the destination?

Emma: Hollywood, duh!

Ballerina: No, I'm not going.

Emma: Demi-

Ballerina: FINE! Just know, you are paying me fifteen dollars.


(Meant To Be is outside the garage door. Natalia is waiting anxiously for the tour bus. Julia walks by.)

They then sing I Love It. Julia: Hiya, guys!

Ballerina: Hey, Julia. What's up?

Julia: Nothing, really. You?

Ballerina: Tour going.

Julia: Can I join?

Dancer: Yes!

(Emma appears in front of the garage door. The gang looks at her.)

Emma: Ladies and gentlemen, be ready for... our tour bus!

(Emma exits, but drives back.)

Dancer: Oh my gosh! It's so beautiful! I love it!

Ballerina: Are we ready to load?


(The gang enters the tour bus. A few days later...)

Ballerina: I still can't believe we are going to open for FOB, P!ATD, Sabrina, and Demi! I want to scream!

Natalia: Please don't.

Dancer: Emma, how's it going?

Emma: Enjoyment!

(Pretty soon, the bus stops.)

Ballerina: Uh oh.

Dancer: What's happening?

Emma: Let's see....

(Click of the buttons)

Emma: Due to an engine problem, your bus has broken down.


Ballerina: What're we going to do?!

Natalia: Kill the nearest person!

Kitty: No!

Julia: Well, we might flag down help, or maybe a taxi.


Ballerina: Calm down. Nobody is going to help us if you shout.

Natalia: *quietly* Sorry.

Dancer: Well, we're gonna have to wait outside. Where's the food?

Natalia: Right here!

(Pulls out expired milk, rotten eggs, and one week old nachos)

Ballerina: May I express my opinion in one word?

Natalia: Yes. Gimme the best word!

Ballerina: Ew.

(Natalia frowns)

Julia: Come on! I'm not getting any younger! Seriously, though, I need to stretch.

(Everyone evacuates the bus. Two days later...)

Ballerina: UGH! Two days, and we are not getting any help! And my phone has no bars here! And NO Restaurants in this area!

Julia: That's a first.

Dancer: We need help, here!

Emma: No dip, Sherlock.

Natalia: Guys! Focus! My hair isn't cooperating with me!

Kitty: Your hair isn't the problem here!

Natalia: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!?!?!

(Everyone is arguing)

Ballerina: GUYS! We need to calm down! Everything may not be great, but, we can sing a song, right?

(Gets out harmonica)

Dancer: Oh, boy. Yep! Gonna be good!

Ballerina: *singing* I was a travelin' when my bus broke down, and now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, yes, stuck in the middle of nowhere, stuck in the middle of noWHERE-

Dancer: Please stop.

Ballerina: And Dancer just told me to stop. Wow.

Emma: Isn't that our bus???

Ballerina: Please me. Does that say Meant To Be?

Dancer: yes....

Natalia sees Pearl driving near them

Natalia: there's Pearl!

Ballerina: wait our bus?


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