(The scene starts in Meant To Be's room. Emma walks in, crashing two pans together.)


Ballerina: What time is it?

Emma: 5:55.

Kitty: Too early!

(Goes back to sleep.)

Natalia: Emma, do you mind if I hold the pans, please?

Emma: Sure!

(Emma hands the pans to Natalia, who crashes the pans together.)

Natalia: KITTY!


Natalia: Got him up.

(Natalia hands the pans to Emma.)

Dancer: Why are we up this early? Can't we go back to sleep?

(Alarm sounds.)

Ballerina: Nope.

(Shawn enters)

Shawn: Hey guys! I just saw a girl- WHOOA!

Ballerina: Yes I know we are in our pajamas, I was just about to get dressed, so thanks.

Kitty: Didn't need to know that.


(Sing It! Academy. The students are in Mrs. Short's classroom, getting ready for a big test.)

Jimmy: Oh my god, today's gonna be great.

Dancer: Hey.

Jimmy: What?

Dancer: You look like that guy who has his schoolwide game show... what was it called? I knew it had "gold" in it.

Cayshin: The Gold Dance Glove? Yeah. My twin brother, Ari, was in it. He said he was in it with Ballerina.

Ballerina: Hm?

Mrs. Short: Alrighty, gals and dudes, stop your talking. Bella? Please pass out the test.

Bella: Not sure why you want me to, but okay....

Mrs. Short: Remember the details you've learned.

Ballerina: Okay.

Mrs. Short: I've had it with your sassy mouth, Ballerina. Anyway, here are your tests.... begin!

(Ten minutes later)

Mrs. Short: STOP! Your test scores will be on the walls Friday.

(Bell rings. Fast foward to Friday, when the test scores are up.)

Emma: Whoa! I got the...... THIRD HIGHEST SCORE! WOO!

Ballerina: Highest score? I told Mrs. Short to give me the lowest score no matter what my score was!

Cayshin: Yes! Jimmy, my man, second highest score!

Emma: Hold on... yo, Jimmy!

(Cayshin and Jimmy come over)

Emma: How did you get a higher score than me?

Jimmy: I dunno. Maybe I'm lucky.

Shawn: Excuse me, not to interrupt... but Ballerina is violating the dress code. You're not supposed to wear that short of shorts.

Ballerina: What?

Shawn: Oh, sorry! I meant Emma and Jimmy need to come to the office.

(School Board room)

Ballerina: Whoa. What's this?

Chloe: Psst, Dancer, Kitty, Ballerina, Natalia, come here.

Tina: And know, a little song from the School Board members.

(School Board Ballad)

Ballerina: Ooh! Red drink? What is this?

(Takes sip) 

Tina: It's blood.

(Ballerina spits it out)


Tina: No reason.

Chloe: Okay, focus please! Let's get to the topic! Jimmy, Emma, step up!

Jimmy: Wait a minute....

(Glances at Bella)

Bella: Jimmy? 

Jimmy: Bella?

Bella, Jimmy: Whoooooaaaaa.....

Shawn: Yeah yeah, back to the topic! Emma?

Emma: Yes?

Shawn: On that history test, you got the third highest score, correct?

Emma: Yeah?

Bella: Well, there seems to be a problem....

Cayshin: Oh no! Did Dancer cheat on the test?

Shawn:...... No. Somebody is believed to have cheated....

Cayshin: Natalia? Dancer? Ballerina?

Shawn: No, no, and um, no. Jimmy.

Jimmy: Me? I would never cheat!

Emma: Yeah, he would never cheat. Would he cheat?

Dancer: I don't think he would cheat-

Alyssa: Oh good lord, just start with the thing already!

Shawn: Right. Jimmy, do you remember ever cheating on a test?

Jimmy: No.

Cayshin: See?

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