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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    This is a really important blog.

    So, um, if you were in either this chat or the chat in Just Dance Wiki, you might know about DancerTheSinger's behavior on Tuesday. He was acting suicidal and saying, "End this party if you want to save my life" and things like that. Yesterday, he was acting a little dramatic talking about his dad and his "suicidal self". So, we decided to demoe him from being admin, not realizing that he's a bureaucrat.

    So, earlier, Emma talked to Annabeth and Percy about Dancer, and then Wikia. Here's the plan: Emma has demoted him, and if he readds them, I undo his edits, then if he does it again, wikia steps in. Keep an eye out.

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Hey, it's Sabrina, and this is Just Another Staff Blog.

    So, it's come to my mind that Onion has not appeared in much episodes. If you have any way that can help Onion get into more episodes, please tell me,

    The applications for chat moderator applications open soon. Hang tight!

    We need songs for the Christina Grimmie episode (as we do with all songs, with the exception of Sick Girl, No Songs). Any suggestions can go into the comment section below.

    I will be going to Winsconsin for the 4th of July. The other admins will answer your questions if they can. (Riiiight, Dancer?)

    Somebody needs to report P0rncraver's accounts here to Wikia, and go through Special:Contact when you do, please.

    So, as you all know, we have a Twitter account. Well, I was t…

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove


    June 16, 2016 by SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Hey, guys! As you know, there's some good news and some bad news, and you've probably heard the bad news from a news website or your siblings or something else, like social media. I've come to bring you sad news first, and-

    No! I did not die! You think this is my ghost typing this blog right now! Ugh! Ya nasty.

    But seriously, somebody had passed away, and that would be the legendary... Christina Grimmie.

    Yep, she was 22, and the person who murdered her is also dead, as he had shoot himself, also.

    Unfortunatley, right before he shot her, she planned on giving him a hug. And that's one of the worst wwys to reject a hug, and if not, the worst way.

    But, this gave me a great idea:

    What if we made an episode as a tribute to Christina? As a part of a s…

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    As you all know, Dancer and I are having a wedding here on Wikia. And we need  some  people for the ring master, reverend, bridesmaids, best man, and the other men. We need a dress designer, and a suit designer. SO MANY PEOPLE! Please sign up in this blog.

    TheEmmaSho​w (Best Bridesmaid)

    JohnJD1302 (Best Man)​


    Brendon Urie (upon request)


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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    Okay, why do I feel like a loser when I start a game show? Sorry. Anyways, I came up with a new idea to replace Sassy Models because nobody cares as much as they used to. It's called Solar Stars, and we will be taking a trip around the solar system in the Milky Way galaxy. Even the Sun. So, get your solar altitude on, 'cause it's a long way 'round.​

    There will be two teams of eight: the first team will be the Inner Planets. The reason why you need eight teammates in this team and the Outer Planets team is because there are four planets in each teams, and there will be two users representing one of the four planets in that team. Example:

    JustADancer + MissDancer = Earth

    Get it? Okay.

    Casting closes on June 10th!

    The challenges could be anything.…

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