Hey guys! It's me, Natalia!!


I wanted to do this givaway for u

just for fun, see if u like/want one!!

Lemme show u examples, shall I???


Also please note I'm using a thing one my computer called Paint soo if it turns out to big/small/bad/other I'm sorry.

  • HBS lovers (comes with ur name on it!) (only for HBS lovers)
  • BOOOOOOO DONALD TRUMP!!!!(for Donald Trump haters)
  • cat face (fur/color chosen)
  • funny face emoji
  • BOOOOO FREEFORM!!!!!!! (for Freeform haters)
  • fanmade JD: Meant To Be logo
  • profile pic

Well, these are the pics I can make for u! If you like one I can make u one!!

What u waitin' for?

Get down in those comments and request one!

Also if you want the profile pic plz request the colors and the shape for ur name to go on!

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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