Welcome To Nice and Sassy Sign Ups!

Hello, my dearest! Its your host, Natalia! Welcome to the official...


NOTE: This was kind of created to (hopefully) get everything/one up and running. It was also created just for fun. (Well, really sassy and nice, ^.^) And dat Pusheen & Grumpy Cat <3 dis


What Nice and Sassy Is/How It Will Be

Soo.. If you'r going to sign up (Or at least TRY to impress me) , your going to have to know what Nice and Sassy! is and how it works.

What Nice and Sassy! Is

Well, Nice and Sassy! is a game show I made up, and basically, its like Sassy Models , but a little different.

That's all I'm going to tell u.

How Nice and Sassy! Will Be

Well, this is what u will need to find out! (Well, if u like, make it to the first ep. Ps u look SO, SO fab today! ^.^ I bet u will REALLY, impress me! (Ish).)

How To Sign Up For A Co-Host! ^.^ (Well, try to... But I bet u will! (Ish).)

If u wanna be my FABULOUS co-host, do dis. :) ^.^

Co-host Name: ______ (Must be Sassy, yet Nice.)

Username: ______ (Be honest. Thank you! :) ^.^)

Then give me a speech (Well, u can call it dat. I dont rly care. ^.^) about why u are the PERFECTO/PERFECTA 4 ma' co-host. (Ya ready? Rly? Great! ^.^)

How To Sign Up For A Nice-ssy! ^.^ (Well, if u can. I bet u will tho! (Not rly...).)

If u want to be a Nice-ssy (Pronounced Nais-see), do dis.... ^.^ :)

Nice-ssy Name: ________ (Again, must be Sassy, yet Nice.)

Username: ______ (U should know dis.)

Then do the speech, just like the co-host speech, just, why u would be the PERFECTA/PERFECTO 4 a Nice-ssy.

How To Sign Up For The Host

NOT HAPPENING. (B****. u not bieng the host. Im da damn host, and u know it.

Emojis/Faces/Things To Use In Ur Speeches










Writing Ur Name In Sass






or u 'tupid.


I <3 U!!


PinkStar19 (talk) 05:15, April 28, 2016 (UTC)N@t@l!@ F@bulou$ V@lenc!@ 

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