Hi Again !!!

Hi guys!!! Its little Pink Pancake Star here. Soooo, most of you guys here know Kitten's Luna's and me's band' "KLN" ( if u dont know it, we have a Wiki [ ]). Our band isn't really that popular, and the YouTube channel doesnt even have a single second of anything. So, I've talked to the other girls (Kaity/Kitten and Luna/Darling), and we desided that we needed to get help for the band.

What We Need

Here's the list of people we need;

  • Songwriting Helper(s) (At least 1 or 2) (KylieLove59)
  • Album Cover Designer Helper(s) (At least 1 2 or 3) (TheEmmaShow)
  • And anything else anyone would like to help with!

That's All !!!

That's all we need! Please leave a comment on this blog if you would like to help.

  Me Kitten and Darling are working our best.
  We want to inspire and help others with our music. 
  We would never want to swear in our music.
  We would never want to have anything inapropriate.

  We thank everyone for helping us.
  We really will apreciate this.
  Thanks to everyone that inspired us to start this band.
  ~~ KittenBow1, DarlingStar19, and PinkStar19.


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