I'm writing a book about a group called Meant To Be.

What's It About

Christie wants to form a band in time for the talent show.


Christie Carpenter - Band Leader and JD's Girlfriend.

Pete Dancer - The one who has stage fright.

Emma Martinez - The one who wrote "Poison Wedding Cake" and is Ryan's girlfriend.

JD Centrale - Loves filmmaking. Christie's boyfriend and Joey's (would-be) boyfriend.

Joey Balervino - Loves filmmaking. JD's (wants to be) boyfriend. Founder of Royalty Meets Death.

Mary Makinato - Loves to spread gossip. Co-Leader of Royalty Meets Death.

Ryan Davidson - Joey's (second choice) for best friend.

Books (So Far)

1. Meant To Be - Christie wants to form a band for the school talent show.

2. Meant To Be VS Royalty Meets Death - Joey gets tonsillitis and he has ups and downs of normal life.

3. Meant To Be: The World Tour PT.1 - Meant To Be goes to Japan and gets kidnapped by a crazy fan!

4. Meant To Be: The World Tour PT.2 - Meant To Be's plane crashes in the outback.

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