Hello! First of all, I would like to say a few things from me.

I don't think this chat will be seen by most of the current staff and cast of JD: Meant To Be. Mainly because... this wiki is ded. But, I just thought I'd make this Staff Blog bc of a few thing. One, I haven't made of these during my tenure as one of the staff, and two, I'd like to make this as a way to tell you guys about what I'd plan for this wiki and the show.

Anyways, let's get on with the two things that is in the title, and not like the last JASB, I wrote all of this, not Emma in CGL's blog. idfk


I honestly think we are on hiatus right now but I thought this might be a good idea. So, I am declaring a hiatus till... I don't know. I want to do this so we'll have time to take a break from this, and potentially do what the second thing I want to happen in the wiki. To be completely honest tho, I have not asked CGL about this yet because... she's been inactive for a while now. I think I should ask her about this.


Because Emma and Falco (and potentially more but idk) left us, I think the best way for us to do this revival is to do restructuring. How will we do this? By getting new members to join us, rewritting the entire storyline of MTB in its entirety, and do a complete rebranding of the show and this wiki. If this works, we might see this wiki up and alive again. These are just my ideas so if guys do have your ideas, just comment below?

If this fails though, we might say goodbye to this. Wrap things up, and leave the studio. I do not want that to happen too soon. I am determined to continue JD: Meant To Be, and bring back the golden days of this wiki, and continue the show till the very end. Hopefully you'll understand what I'm saying here because my English is still a little bit... idk what word to describe.

That is all for me, really. Hope that we'll be back? Cya later.


This blog is an "episode" of the series called "Just Another Staff Blog" where administrators address important issues through their blog space. If you're an admin and want to say something to other users that wouldn't be that easy to do through Forum, join in on the series.

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