Ballerina(opening quote): Have you ever wished for something and then, after a while, you saw it and it was for you? Well, that's what my friends and I felt like one day...

Dancer: You don't seem to have a ghost I can bust, do you?

Pearl: How wonderful! A flower for a beloved lady!

Emma: *GASP* Have you no respect for three girls and one boy?

Lilly: That's my brother.

Julia: Yeah, those girls rock! Woo!

Shows JD: Meant To Be logo

The theme plays and shows the singing. Lyrics: Ballerina: Have you had a day where you kinda felt sad?

Dancer: Did you have a day feeling happy, yeah.

All: Well just to let you know, to get happy, we'll be,

Pearl: Singing whenever, so singing whenever.

Kitty: We will just sing forever.

Emma: We sing forever, and the songs are not p0rn.

All: We'll be singing whenever, singing whenever because it was meant to be. Yeah! JD: Meant To Be!

Ballerina is seen playing I'm An Albatraoz on the piano, while the opening credits show.

Dancer walks in to the house.

Ballerina: OH MY GOD! Dancer? I didn't see you there!

Dancer: Hiiiii!

Emma: Hi!

Dancer: Hi, Emma!

Pearl: Little late from my early aged nurse job. What's happening?

Emma: Nothing.

Kitty: Hellloooooo!

Ballerina: Guys! This is my friend Kitty!

Dancer: You think he's good enough to be in the group?

Ballerina: We'll see!

Dancer: Let's see TV! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT! Free-form? What! ABC FAMILY, HELLO, ITS ME! Your fluent watcher!

Kitty: Doesn't Freeform remind you of sock made catapillers?

Ballerina: Say Freeform one more time, and I'll take this spoon and slap you with it!

Pearl: Well, we kinda left school because of that bit-


rain and snow fall down


Dancer: A jalapeño fell on our house. Just kidding. It's raining and snowing...


Emma: how do we rehearse for our concert?

Dancer: WELL WE USE OUR OLD SKILLS FROM THE VOICE! Dancer sings Victorious by Panic! At The Disco.

Ballerina: we started well!

Kitty: I would love to join your group. I can sing.

He chooses from the Just Dance Unlimited menu to sing Airplanes by B.o.B

Ballerina: Hey, you're in!

Emma: *whispers* is he anti-porn?

Dancer: In hell, he'd only do that.

Ballerina: watch it there

Pearl: at least we have a new member!

Dancer: everything went better than expected :)

Kitty: so, I'm really happy to join.

Dancer, Pearl, and Ballerina: Let's go check just dance wiki!

Ballerina: would you press a button that made you Sia but you weren't alive. Rood, dancer.

Dancer: would you press a button that made you Donald trump. Ew

Pearl: would you press any button, dang it,

Dancer, Pearl, and Ballerina proceed to pull out buttons from their pockets and sing Would You Press a Button?

Emma: i told you they were talented.

Kitty: yeah.

Ballerina: are you looking at us? Pressing buttons. Hmm, Is there a button that says "I'd laugh, but that's so dumb, I'm gonna slap you all the way to Timbuktu!"

Dancer: I'd say no

Emma goes into a corner and sings Emo is Amazing


Dancer: Hey, why don't we come up with a name for the band?

Kitty: No, I want us to have our band name be Dancing Ballerina named Emma who has a Kitty and a Pearl.

Julia: hey it's me! How about Meant To Be?

Emma: cool!

Ballerina: time to show the fun

Dancer; Let's play JDU

They play Shut Up and Dance, and oh no,

Emma: a way to end a nice night, make kitty a bed, and then...

Dancer: let's sing Just Dance!

and the episode concludes with them singing Just Dance.

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