We got cut off of UOTW for a while, and tomorrow, Ky- I mean, Melody, and I will be two hours away from this computer, so we're doing this now.


Alright, what you do is you nominate a user on this wiki to try and get them in the voting phase. In the voting phase, you vote using the templates we have (thank you, John, for improving them) and if they have the most votes, they win!

You may not nominate yourself, any disabled user account, or the previous user. Heck, you could nominate me. You may not nominate through a reply. And no, we will not use nicknames.


  1. Since we haven't been active for a while, you may nominate TheEmmaShow.
  2. Winner gets a Just Dance surprise (you don't care, do you?)
  3. Runner-up gets a message.
  4. We stopped the "Previous Winner" thingy. Sorry, peeps.
  5. Since I figured out how to make a correct poll, from now on the voting phase will have a poll!


Melody Phoenix

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