We're back, guys! The User Of The Week has returned to the wiki! In case you weren't here when the rules were set, here are the guidelines:

Every user on the wiki gets to nominate any user for UOTW from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, I will take the top three users and put them into the voting phase of the competition. By Sunday at 8:55 EST (The time zone Melody and I are in), I will check who the winner is. The next day, I will notify them. The competition happens every other week, and since we tend to forget, I will highlight a thread on Forum with the link to every blog.


  • You may not nominate any banned user.
  • You may not nominate a user if s/he has 0 edits. (and no, you can't convince him/her to make an edit here just to make the nomination valid.)


For Melody Phoenix

For ChristinaGrimmieLove