Okay, since I'm bored and I haven't posted a blog, I made another JASB blog because, again, I am bored as luck. So here you go, another staff blog of stupidity.

Dancer And Natalia Arose From Thy Dead

So the other day, I got a message on the Just Dance Wiki from our good friend, Falco. The title of the message said: "DANCER IS IN CHAT (NO CLICKBAIT)". Seeing how I have trust issues (sorry, Falco), I clicked the message. And, indeed, there was so "clickbait" tag. So I clicked on Dancer's username, and it somehow confirmed that, yes, Dancer has returned! Also, I messaged Natalia asking if she wanted to be in The Golden Era, and she said yes. So both have returned in the episode, Reunion.

Hamilton Episode???

So we recently did an episode on Discord relating to Hamilton, a Broadway musical about, welp, Alexander Hamilton. So... it's a new thing???



On this day one year ago, guess who joined? My sister Merloerder Phernerx (Melody Phoenix). go greet her. 


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