Tada! We brought you the revival of Just Another Staff Blog!

Which will have a work-in-progress.

Why hello, it is I, your local unreliable narrator. Since Bal didn't write anything in this blog, I decided to take over with updates and inform y'all about the latest happenings.


Today I was sick and absent from school, so I decided to be productive with my rare occasion of spare time and redesign the front page. It is not a drastic change, but I did change the layout a bit, fixed the old poll and UOTW section, and added a News Hub where all the updates are available. 

Admins: please take of it frequently tysm

Article of the Month

There's a bit of extra space on the page as well, which bugs me. The idea of AOTM has been suggested a few times, but never made into an actual thing. Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know.

JD: Meant to Be Spotify

This idea was scrapped as well, but what is JD: Meant to Be had its own Spotify account where all the cast members shared their individual playlists or added their favorite songs to a collaborative playlist? That way we can share music since, you know... this is a music show, after all. And if someone can't have Spotify? The person will tell another cast member their favorite songs so the other person can add their songs to the playlist for them. Simple.

One year!

Last year before I run back to reality and cry, the one year anniversary of the show and wiki is coming up in two weeks (I believe). Get hypeeeed

That is all for now, Bal and others can add more this if they want though. Byeeee


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