You should probably know what this is.

Heathens on JD: Meant To Be

As you know, there is a page for Heathens. Which episode should we put this in? Who should sing it? I'm only asking this because no episode, no page.


This is a little Shout-Out to DancerTheSinger for redirecting the SabrinaCarpenterLove page to ChristinaGrimmieLove. Good job! (And to all who never thought about it, *hiss*)


There's also a song named "Cancer" that has a page. I'm asking if we should have it in the show after all, or if we should delete the page entirely.

Just Dance School? On This Wiki?

If you read this blog, you notice that Just Dance Central says that he is broadcasting the show on this wiki. You'd probably say, "Oh my gosh, no", so tell me what you think

JD: MTB Show Applications

Uncensored Profanity

I don't want to be cruel, but I want to revert the Uncensored Profanity rule on the Chat Policies page. Please do not get angry.

​Onion (omg how much have I mentioned this?)

As the section title suggests, this might mean that I'm literally bringing a punishment on everybody for not helping add Onion onto pages. I'm not that wicked, so no. I'm just wondering what we should do to make Onion stop complaining.


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