What is JD: Meant To Be anymore, guys? All the episodes are just about Falco and J.D. now. What happened to the good old days where there was no drama involving Fan, J.D., Joey Balverino, and Emma (Emma did not approve)? Our show is literally a big mess that only consists of Falco and J.D. and I don't know how to fix it. The only episode that wasn't about any of those characters (recently) would be The Rapping Queen, and even that doesn't help.

I want our show and wiki back. I want the PM conversations between me and Dancer back. I want the Chat to be alive with Emma, Dancer, Alyssa, me, and Melody back. I want our fun episodes back. Are we even trying to boost our show anymore? It's fine that we have new characters, as Sky and Misty are one of the best, but, are we continuing our show the way it used to be?

Should we even consider ourselves a hit show anymore?