As you may notice, this is a blog. 

Poppy's Song

If you're a Poppy fan, you might be interested in knowing that on Valentine's Day, artist That Poppy is releasing a new song (that was supposed to be here yesterday) named "I'm Poppy". Hopefully it's as great as the ten-minute video of her repeatedly introducing herself. Wait, who are you???


JD: Meant to Be is recovering from a big blowout from JDC and Falco, but now there's a new fiasco. We want to make everyone included in our episodes, but somebody (not saying) keeps adding himself into episodes... I hope this fiasco is done soon.

I Stood Up To A Kid

Today, I stood up to a kid because he sent a really mean email to my friends. With permission, I just typed a nice reply to him. That probably told him to leave my friend alone.

You Love I

I discovered the lyrics to Melanie Martinez's "You Love I". Thank goodness. I wanted to ask you guys if anyone want this song in a future episode.

Losing Interest

In case you were wondering about this section, let me tell you. Lately, I haven't made as big as a contribution, because I may be losing interest in Wikia. I'm losing interest in Wikia and taking interest in Just Dance.