FINALLY! The day has arrived. If you're a member here and you are interested, then might as well bookmark this page for updates

(And I say, "Auditions" because this is the JD: MTB wiki and it's about a musical show, so...)


To be admin, you must follow the following criteria:

- Good or great grammar (Don't be a Sabrina and say "they gonna keep on twiddling them thumbs" instead of "twiddling their thumbs")

- very active

- Over 50 mainspace edits (

-  Main or guest star

- generally nice

How It Works

Users nominate one person who is good for the job, and there'll be a test. That might include:

  • Me vandalising the pages
  • Posting irrelevant comments
  • Unexpected uncensored swearing
  • Spam
  • Basically everything.

You are required to fix these errors and give me warnings. Probably block me if I give you permission.

Other users, don't worry, it's only just a test. 

And no. I won't be making sockpuppets. I'll probs forget the passwords.