So, Emma said there should be a blog for all the typos we make, so here are the best, coming from me, because I kinda wanted one too

The typo where Dancer "called me hot"

Here are those pics you probably wanted:



There was a typo Emma made in chat a few days ago. So, let's get this straight, she was trying to call the TB Saga the Taco Bae Saga, and this was a result: Taco BEE Saga

I was crafting at that tbh

I don't have a pic of the incident, but here's the typo taking over me:

Bandicam 2016-08-29 11-27-11-242

Next is the one everyone should forget: The rice typo

See, my tablet makes a bunch of mistakes, and this one was the worst, because I was trying to say Ride, and not Rice, so basically I screwed up a Twenty One Pilots song title, because of my tablet being a b****.

Not to mention the Ginger typo. Now because of this, Dancer keeps going "I'm a ginger" nowadays. Me also screwing up a top song title.

Update: NOW I have a photo of the rice typo


Another typo I'm glad that exists: the golas typo.

So, me and Emma were having a PM convo, when this happened:

Bandicam 2016-08-29 13-41-50-324

Highlight of today? Maybe. More than likely.

How about this? The "put" typo.

I've made this a lot, and here is the time I actually got a screenshot of it

Screenshot 2016-08-29-15-42-35

I've done the "try put Cancer" instead of "try out Cancer". At least I didn't put "get", because that'd be bad Speaking of Cancer, that's also a typo sometimes, because my tablet is a b****. So, one time, trying to say Dancer's name came out as Cancer, and oh boy, you wouldn't even imagine the reaction

Screenshot 2016-08-28-04-35-54

Screenshot 2016-08-28-04-36-07

I also once made the mistake where I accidentally said "Rise" instead of Ride. Very similar to the Rice typo.........except my tablet was in the mood for Katy Perry instead of Twenty One Pilots..........

Screenshot 2016-08-27-13-36-55

I accidentally called Ember "Beer". I was having a freak out session over a song on Sunny, and was obviously typing too fast, not paying attention, result is calling her "Beer"

I once said "breaking I've" sounded incredibly wrong, and I wanted to spam it out, but I really couldn't because it wasn't allowed :/

Screenshot 2016-08-29-16-10-15

So, there's one mistake I really regret. I was saying that my demons were being so impatient, since we were on the convo of inner demons, after mentioning Blurryface a bit, and at the end, I said "I might as well paint myself black", except instead of paint, I said PAIN. That was embarrasing, as a top fan myself.......

Bandicam 2016-08-30 08-58-11-471


Bandicam 2016-08-30 09-12-52-062

Also, there was a >3 mistake a few times. One, I made myself on JDWiki chat, and another is Emma accidentally saying it, instead of <3. I laughed at hers, but now I finally felt the feeling

Screenshot 2016-08-23-13-26-45
Bandicam 2016-08-30 09-12-07-078

Did I mention the "accept" typo? This happened in DM

Bandicam 2016-08-30 10-00-37-139


I made 4 typos in a row on another chat. I felt embarrassed

Screenshot 2016-08-30-19-39-23

So..............I seem to have made 2 typos in a row AGAIN with this

Bandicam 2016-08-31 10-05-12-018

Great. I need to look at my statements more often

Oh, and not to forget, this happened the same day


There was a bunch of "laptop" typos too, because of "laptp", but I didn't get a screenshot before I refreshed the chat.......

UPDATE: Now I have one


So...........Emma made a mistake that is burned in my head. I was crafting at it, because of the reaction

Bandicam 2016-08-31 11-20-42-189

Wow, new typo highlight. Emma said "Hoetown" instead of Hometown. We got another top song typo. Warning for the Hoetown just in case

Bandicam 2016-08-31 11-47-30-465

Alright, here's another typo that SCREWED UP A P!ATD REFERENCE. Warning for language, because the typo is basically a bad word

Bandicam 2016-08-31 16-59-00-086

Here are some other typos that.........are not spelling mistakes, but another type (more language ahead @ the reactions though)

Bandicam 2016-08-31 16-59-39-236

Bandicam 2016-08-31 17-00-08-436

Someone who you guys might not know made a hilarious mistake on cc chat, and I laughed a bit harder than I should've

Bandicam 2016-08-31 17-49-08-337

I don't know, I talked about Emma too much, and.................

Bandicam 2016-08-31 21-37-06-188

Not a spelling mistake, but it's still a mistake

So, there was a typo that I was crafting at. Emma accidentally spelt a day wrong

Bandicam 2016-09-01 09-25-11-028

Highlight tbh


Bandicam 2016-09-01 09-34-34-332

This is the most hilarious typo I've seen in ages

No, I wasn't crafting with laughter at the Community Central chat....

Bandicam 2016-09-15 13-43-10-517

I lied.......

Oh, and I missed this one, but thankfully Dancer got it in. Exact same reaction as mine, for a similar typo, why?


I'm kinda regretting not being on chat during the time, I would've been crafting at this

IMG 20160918 112351

Looks like next time I call someone "kids", I'm definitely gonna say LIDS or something, it'll be the funniest thing ever

This isn't coming from Alyssa, since she's ded as of now, this is coming from ChristinaGrimmieLove (look at the history if you don't believe me, admins and Just Dance Central). So, we were on chat before Dancer was to leave, and we were supposedly talking about Daya thy queen, and pretty soon, Emma made a remark about a song from her, only there was an extra "l". So, I joked around a little. (Justin Blieiber is better than Justin Beiber, tbh. Ever heard of "Beauty and a Bleat" ft. Nicki Mlinaj? Blaby ft. Ludaclis? What about "Let Mle Love You" with DJ Snlake?)

Yeah, definitely going to joke about this forever. Probably going to make them repeat this joke on my tombstone.

  • as of now I ain't dead from the wiki atm, I just hadn't updated in a while*

So, after Ballerina puts in a hilarious type, I got a screenshot that I missed, and was very hilarious. (The screenshot was taken by Emma when I wasn't even there)

Screenshot 2016-10-02-09-27-08

I would've loved that beer to change Ember into one (get it?)

Lookie, another beer typo xp

IMG 20161101 095016
Guess who's back? Yep, Ballerina. Anyway, this happened (I wasn't in chat, I think) while talking about JDC and Joey Balverino. (*cues "Cannibal" by Ke$ha*)

IMG 20161101 095036
Seems like "Underrated The Tree" is a ripoff of "Underneath The Tree", according to this here typo.

IMG 20161101 095102
And this is proof that Dancer messed up twenty one pilots by "good old drugs". (nicejobDancer)

IMG 20161101 104259
First off all, you want to get snappy with me, Dancer? FITE ME. I explained that I could have Spotify on my school iPad, not my school iPda.

(What even is an iPda?)

That's all from me! 

(Round Two of Ballerina's Hacking of Typo Blog ends here)

Hi, I'm back from the dead

A N Y W A Y S, nice job someone on cc chat for saying the inaproppriate words when trying to say someone's name. Just take a look yourself

Bandicam 2016-10-28 16-46-12-014

If that wasn't a typo, GTA Gamer, explain yourself (warning for the word)

Oh, and then someone wasn't used to typing "mom" on cc chat as well. Some user in the name of "momo" took over the word for someone

Bandicam 2016-11-03 11-38-26-250

Idk why I laughed, I think it was just funny to me

Oh, and then there's this (shoutout to Ember for the typo, because my reaction was hilarious indeed

Bandicam 2016-11-07 14-20-37-761

And for some reason, I freaked out over a simple typo that wasn't ruining anything I had to say

Bandicam 2016-11-08 11-26-53-813

A lot happened ever since I seem to have "died" on this wiki, so here's one last typo that I accidentally made

Bandicam 2016-11-09 13-41-11-120

Not to mention, someone made fun of it (similar to when I did the paint typo)

Bandicam 2016-11-09 13-42-44-696

Just look at my reaction of shame

Now, to move on from drinks. Ember was trying to say something to me, and she accidentally called me "alt" probably don't get it, here's proof

Bandicam 2016-11-11 12-56-14-627

Does anyone have a favorite color? Mine is pink, Ember's is not PING

Bandicam 2016-11-11 18-58-29-759

Since typos actually were scattered all over the place between times, I'm just gonna name one right off the bat: calling a user on cc chat KFC (I have a list of screenshots of us cracking up on there, I loved that moment a lot)

Bandicam 2016-11-11 18-43-49-476

Bandicam 2016-11-11 18-43-59-114

Bandicam 2016-11-11 18-44-10-145

Bandicam 2016-11-11 18-44-56-029

I was laughing so hard irl, I know it ain't a joke because it's still hilarious

Yeah, and for another round two on typos.......Sa (extremely sorry Sam)

Bandicam 2016-11-12 18-27-17-046

Nah, Sam's definitely gonna kill me for mentioning this here

Well..................idk how many rounds have happened...........but there's so many funny ones I want to add this

Bandicam 2016-11-10 17-09-43-820


Everything works in here, and since typos are 24/7 on these chat rooms, it probably doesn't really matter? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There's also this that happened last night

  • airhorns*
Bandicam 2016-11-15 20-19-58-003

Enjoy my nonsense

Well, airhorn me, when I say 24/7 typos, karma smacks me

Bandicam 2016-11-16 11-14-33-881

Ember caught more karma herself, since I refreshed when this typo happened


Yeah, I'm actually waiting for Dancer to think what I KNOW he's gonna think with this typo




and this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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