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    The typos blog

    August 29, 2016 by AlyssaTheMusicGeek

    So, Emma said there should be a blog for all the typos we make, so here are the best, coming from me, because I kinda wanted one too

    The typo where Dancer "called me hot"

    Here are those pics you probably wanted:

    There was a typo Emma made in chat a few days ago. So, let's get this straight, she was trying to call the TB Saga the Taco Bae Saga, and this was a result: Taco BEE Saga

    I was crafting at that tbh

    I don't have a pic of the incident, but here's the typo taking over me:

    Next is the one everyone should forget: The rice typo

    See, my tablet makes a bunch of mistakes, and this one was the worst, because I was trying to say Ride, and not Rice, so basically I screwed up a Twenty One Pilots song title, because of my tablet being a b****.

    Not to me…

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