Trump Should Take A Dump In A Women's Toilet is a song in JD: Meant To Be. It is an original in the episode Anti-Trumpers, sung by Meant To Be, Alyssa, Mikey, Monkey and Kitten.



Have you heard of hating Donald Trump


Girl, I always have.


Huh doesn't everyone!


Except your mom, yeah excuse me, I slay


Fine. You're excused.


But we still should kill you on hating Heartbeat Song and NØ oh oh.


Yeah, he was Kidding surely

Kitty and Kitten:

Well don't you realize.


Trump should take a dump in a women's toilet. Cause if you believe in God, you love Heartbeat Song and NØ but hate Trump he needs a fresh dump.


  • This song is the shortest in the show with a length of 2:38 of the studio version which repeats some lyrics, and 1:25 on the performance.
  • This song was favorited by Dancer for being a Donald Trump diss.
  • He will not build a wall.
  • He will keep all Muslims in the USA.

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