(Meant To Be's couch, Ballerina is crying)

Ballerina: I-I ca-can't believe he would l-leave m-me like th-this.

Emma: Poor Bal. (seriously why am I here?!)

Kylie (singing): ou te, Danceroutai

Sky: Kylie...

Kylie: Sorry.

Ballerina: I thought he'd just stay forever. *hiccup*

John: At least this wasn't about Camila.

Emma: JOHN

(she steps on John's foot)

John: OW

Emma: Now you know pain.

John: Duh!

Alyssa: Bal, maybe he wasn't meant to be.

Ballerina: *sigh* You're right. Maybe he just didn't fit.

(long silence)

Falco: So, Dancer has left. What happens now?

(Ballerina buries her face into Kylie's blanket again and makes muffled crying noise)

Emma: FALCO!!!

(Emma steps on Falco's foot)

Falco: OW!

Emma: Now you know pain!

Falco: Actually, I have robotic legs, I just said, "Ow" because I wanted to trick you.

Emma: What?! Bu-but- I'm done.

(Ballerina lets her head up)

Ballerina: I think I got makeup on your blanket.

Kylie: That's okay. I'll just wash it... with my own makeup-less tears...


Melody: AGH!


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