(The episode starts in the living room of Meant to Be's house. Natalia checks her phone, and screams)

Ballerina: What's going on, Natalia? A shoe sale?

Natalia: No. Meant To Be has been voted into a singing competition!

Dancer: That's awesome! Which one?

Natalia: The school's annual Singerina.

Dancer, Ballerina, Pearl, Kitty, Emma: Oh...

Emma: Who are we going up against?

(Natalia checks her phone)

Natalia: Dancer, Ballerina, Emma, Kitty, and Pearl (Meant To Be) will go up against Rebecca Smalls, Kaylee Green, Cydney Hart, Shelby White, and Patricia Tomelson (Meant To Be Meets Death) in Sing It! Academy's official Singerina on Friday, March 25, at 5 PM.

Dancer: Yes!

Natalia: Oh...

Ballerina: What?

Natalia: We have to write a song.

Emma: WHAT?!

Dancer: We can't write a song. Look at Ballerina's cheesy personality.

Ballerina: Hey, I had to pee in the school shed for you. PEE IN THE SCHOOL SHED!!!

Dancer: What's so wrong with that?

Ballerina: It had windows.

(Everyone shudders as the theme begins)

(Ballerina is in her personal studio, recording a song)

Ballerina (singing): Onions make me cry, clowns freak me out, the world will blow up with onion-eating clowns. It makes me so sick. It makes me puke out a bunch of Japanese clowns....

Everyone stares at her, in shock)

Ballerina: What?

Emma: The fact that you vomit out Japanese clowns.

Dancer: This song is horrible. Check this one out.

(The camera cuts to Ballerina, who is singing in a heavy metal tone)


(Long silence)

Emma: What the (bleep) was that?

(Interior, Rebecca's house)

Rebecca: Whoa...

Kaylee: Who's that?

Rebecca: Dancer, Ballerina-

Kaylee: Ugh! I hate Ballerina, she's a (bleep). Once, she stuffed my bra with cheese.

Rebecca: That's a low.

Cydney: Not fetch.

Rebecca: You're high, aren't you?

Cydney: Yep.

Kaylee: They don't stand a chance against us.

Rebecca: It's on.

(Interior, Sing It! Academy cafeteria)

Ballerina: Ugh! This broccoli is disgusting.

Dancer: That's a roach there.

Ballerina: WHAT THE FU-

(Rebecca spills water on her on purpose)

Ballerina: *gasps*

Rebecca: Oops, sorry. Lemme clean it up.

(Spills more water onto Ballerina, who shoves her. Dancer gets into the fight, along with the rest of the others. Spaghetti, water, and broccoli fly around, as it all is caught on camera and goes onto the school website.)

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