This article is about the Season 4 episode. You may be looking for the Season 1 episode of the same name.

The New Album is in Season 4 of JD: Meant To Be.


The group disagrees about the direction to go in for their new album.


When the group starts planning their new album they disagree on the focus.


Network Executive 1: We need you guys to make a new album.

Ballerina: Okay. So how's it gonna go?

Network Executive 2: Anyway you want it to go. But it has to follow a specific style. It can't be all over the place. Like her kids.

Network Executive 1: Hey!

Emma: Who says we can't?

Network Executive 1: We do.

Ballerina: But you don't own us.

Melody: (starts singing) You don't own me.

Dancer: Haha... no.

Network Executive 3: Guys, stop. You have one week to come up with a theme or it's a four month break.

Ballerina: Just a week?! Ridiculous.

Network Executive 2: That's just the way it works.


J.D. Central: So what will our theme be?

Emma: How do we know? I vote Alternative music.

Melody: Uh, you know how many MCR albums have that Parental Advisory thing??? I vote Classical.

Dancer: Ew, no. I vote Sabrina Carpenter.

Ballerina: Yeah, and I vote for... EDM.

J.D. Central: I'll just tell them we're gonna do Ariana Grande covers. (Takes out phone.)

Emma: No! Please, no!

Melody: Anything but her! I am fine with a few songs, but a whole album?!

J.D. Central: Fine. I'll just tell them we're gonna sing Sweatshirt and that's all.

Dancer: That's much worse.

Ballerina: A whole album of just one song? Nah.


Emma:(Whispers) How about we sabotage the fruit punch so they'll agree with us!

Melody: (Whispers) Sabotage it with what?

Emma: This!

Melody: Poison?!

Emma: Sorry. That's for future reference. Here's what I meant.

Melody: Oh. You wanna put liquid helium in there?

Emma: No I want to put water in there. OF COURSE.


Singing Whenever! - Theme - sung by Meant To Be

Side To Side by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj - sung by J.D. Central

Darling I'm A Mess by Sabrina Carpenter - sung by Ballerina and Dancer

Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco - sung by Emma, Melody, and Alyssa

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