Episode starts in the school

Ballerina: Dancer, is it a good time to...

Dancer: Hell no, I'll talk to you later. No dilly dally before a test!

Emma: Dancer's caring about school

Natalia: Is like paninis without bread...

Pearl: I guess that's terrible, but not as terrible as those carnation illustrations.

Dancer: Eesh.


Episode continues to lunch.

Dancer: Ballerina, I'm sorry about what happened a couple weeks ago. Now that we're back together.... Do you want to go on a date?

Ballerina: YES. YES! IS THERE PIE?

(Emma appears)

Emma: What are you two going on about?

Dancer and Ballerina: We're going on a date.

Kitty: Ugh.

Natalia: Damn it, I can't look at this. THEY'RE HOLDING HANDS. (Beep) THE EARTH!!!


Julia: Kids and they're "ew" factors. They're actually a great couple! Reminds me...

Julia sings Junto A Ti*


Rebecca: EW.

(later, in Room 199. Emma turns to Kitty, Natalia, and Pearl)

Emma – I have an idea, but you'll need to work with it.

Pearl – What is it?

Emma – Let's spy on Dancer and Ballerina during their date.

Natalia - I'm out. I don't spy.

Kitty – No way! That's ruining their privacy! Are you crazy?

Emma – Come on! It's just for fun! Plus, I'll get the donuts.

Pearl – Donuts? That's it, bye guys!

Kitty – Pearl! Not you!

Natalia – Sorry Kitty, but I'm in, too.

(Emma looks smug)

Emma: Three against one.

Kitty – Fine. I'm in.

  • Later* (at the restaurant where Dancer and Ballerina are eating, Emma, Pearl and Kitty are in a car, looking at them)

Ballerina: We'll have 2 Sabrini Paninis!


Kitty – You clearly worked hard about this.

Pearl – Yeah. Where did you get the car? You're not even old enough to have a driver's license.

Emma – My cousin is 18. I just hired him to drive us. He's now in the mall that's two minutes away.

Pearl – Where the donuts at tho?

Emma – Here you go.

Kitty – Uh. So you weren't joking when you said you had donuts.

Pearl – I feel like a cop while eating this.

Kitty– Cool. Like the police.

Emma – Meant To Be Justice Police. Fighting for law in this country. And donuts.

Pearl – What are they even doing?

Kitty - Don't know. Looks like they're talking about something.

Pearl – Nah. Looks like they're yelling.

Emma – Hold on. I got this.

  • Emma pulls binoculars out of her purse*

Kitty – Was it important to bring binoculars to spy on your friends while they're on a date?

Emma – Yes. And also they're talking normally. Not yelling, Pearl.

Pearl – Guys, they're getting up.

Kitty – This date finished early.

Pearl – I don't think this ended well. They look angry.

Emma – Guys, I think they saw us. Oh no, they're going out way!

Pearl – Just stay calm. Don't scream.


Emma – What part of „Stay calm.“ Didn't you understand!?

Pearl – Everybody, get down!!

(Ballerina sees the car)

Ballerina – That scream sure sounds a lot like Kitty.

Dancer – Let's go check.

(Ballerina knocks on car window.)

Ballerina – Emma?! Pearl!? Kitty?! I can't believe you were spying on us the whole time!

(Ballerina gets angry and leaves in anger, along with Dancer)

Emma – Oh no...

Kitty – What have we done?!

Pearl – Clearly trash, that's what.

Dancer and Ballerina are hanging out at home.

Dancer: Well, that happened

Ballerina: I'm sorry for that date incident.

Dancer: No, no, I get it... I, um...

(clears throat as they sing a portion of Heartbeat Song)

Ballerina: That was beautiful.

Dancer: Just like you.

The two kiss happily

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