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This episode hasn't aired yet! Beware of spoilers. They'll rot your brain. Thisisaworkinprogresstoosoholdyourhorses - ChristinaGrimmieLove

"TRUTH" is an episode in Season Two of JD: Meant To Be. It will be released this year.


When Rebecca is told a bunch of secrets from others, it becomes a big mess.


Rebecca is being told a lot of secrets from others.


Regular Cast Members

ChristinaGrimmieLove as Ballerina

DancerTheSinger as Dancer

TheEmmaShow as Emma

AlyssaTheMusicGeek as Alyssa

JohnJD1302 as John

PinkStar19 as Natalia

Guest Stars

So far, the only guest star cast is BeccaSchmecca as Rebecca (recurring).


  • This is the first episode in which only Rebecca is present out of the entire group.


Singing Whenever! - Theme - sung by Meant To Be

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