"MELODY I WAS ABOUT TO READ THAT. WHAT THE HELL?!" - Sky (This article is about an episode that hasn't been released yet; therefore, there may be spoilers. If you don't want to learn what happens, please click off.)

"Somebody's got too much info on their hands. And it ain't pretty." - Dancer (This episode may contain uncomfortable material.)

"Are you really gonna believe what is uncomfirmed?" - Melody (Little has been confirmed by people associated with the show. If you are unsure about something or want to add or suggest an idea, ask any of the administrators.)

"Strange Day" is the third episode of the first season of the JD: Meant To Be sequel, JD: Meant To Be: The Golden Era, and the third episode overall. The episode is set to release on August 16, 2017. ChristinaGrimmieLove is directing, and it is unknown who is writing it.


Unfortunate events lead to a disbelief.


After a series of weird and peculiar events, Ballerina thinks the house is cursed by a group of demons and ghosts. It turns out that she was correct, and the band try to rule them out.


ChristinaGrimmieLove as Ballerina

Melody Phoenix as Melody

JohnJD1302 as John

FalcoLombardi99 as Falco

Guest Stars

Tear In My Heartbeat Song as Dancer


  • This episode takes an idea from Meant To Be's Home for Unusual Events from the original series
  • Dancer returns.
  • After filming the episode, ChristinaGrimmieLove claimed to experience high levels of anxiety, blurry vision, sudden fear, and nightmares. She also claimed that she saw a figure of a teenage girl that wasn't solid. This was shown to be a prank.


Ballerina: Inertia is a property of ma-

(a wire-hung globe comes loose and hits Ballerina in the head, knocking her out)

Melody: Oh my god, are you okay?

Don: At least we won't have to hear her loud mouth anymore.


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