Sky (TheSkyOfTomorrow) is a main character in JD: Meant To Be and JD: Meant To Be The Golden Era.

He was introduced in Season Four as a replacement for banned user Just Dance Central.


Sky is often full of sarcasm and dry humor, and often hangs around the background rather than get directly involved.

He may seem like a jerk, but in times of need he will come through and reveal his true self: a kind person with concern for everyone's safety.

Notable Episodes

California Dreams (Introduction Episode)

Their Next Adventure

Hamilton Episode (leaked)


Sky has brown hair that goes to the end of his neck, with a bang covering his left eye. He often wears a blue hoodie, and at his most loneliest he wears the hood. He has basic black trousers and black shoes. He often has his hands in his hoodie's pocket.


"No, we're visiting the Gay Pride Parade. ...What do you think we're doing in a doctor's office?!"

"Doctor, doctor! Do you have a cure for incompete-a broken leg?"