(Episode starts in the dining room. John, Natalia, and Dancer are seated at the table when Alyssa brings the eggs out)

Alyssa (singing): Here are some eggs for you. Natalia, here is a shoe.

(sets a sneaker at Natalia's foot as she picks it up)

Natalia: I've been looking for this.

Dancer: Hey, Alyssa.

Alyssa: Yes?

Dancer: Don't sing while introducing our breakfast again.

(John looks up at the staircase)

John: Hey... what's taking Ballerina and Emma so long?

(Stands up and goes to their room)

John: Get a move on, girls!

Ballerina: *stumbles down the stairs* Hey guys...

(Almost falls to the floor, when Dancer catches her and gets a thermometer.

Dancer: Whoa, you can't go to school, your temperature is 101 degrees.

(off screen sneeze)

John: Aww, Emma. Why ya gotta use my jacket as a tissue?

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