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Meloderina is the cousin shipping between Melody and Ballerina. The ship started in Heartbeat Songs, when Melody was introduced and continued after that.


In Heartbeat Songs, Melody was sitting on the porch with tears in her eyes. Ballerina tried to ask her what was wrong, and Melody told her to check on Jennie, Melody's sister and Ballerina's other cousin.

In Season 4, it was confirmed that Melody was an official member and Ballerina was excited.


  • This is the first girl/girl ship in the series.
  • Even though the characters are cousins, the actresses are sisters.

Similarities and Differences


  • They both like Just Dance.
  • They are both a part of Meant To Be.
  • They both love their band.


  • Melody prefers to wear very noticable makeup; Ballerina likes to keep it subtle.
  • Melody doesn't live with her parents; Ballerina does.
  • Melody listens to a lot of bands that people call "emo," while Ballerina likes anything but that.
  • Melody hates meat, but Ballerina loves meat. Especially bacon.
  • Ballerina is a neat freak, but Mel on the other hand...not so much.
  • Melody is found anywhere on social media, but Ballerina just stays on Twitter and Fandom.


"Run The Show" by Kat DeLuna ft. Busta Rhymes - When Ballerina got Just Dance 4, she and Melody found this song very enjoyable.

"American Kids" by That Poppy - In Kara-okay?, they suddenly feel the urge to tell their fellow classmates that they don't want to follow the usual "love", "drugs", and "party" cycle.

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