Meant To Love God is an episode in JD: Meant To Be. The release date is unknown, but the writer and director is FalcoLombardi99.


The Meant To Be team goes to perform at a church for their Sunday service but one problem, one of the Meant To Be members don't believe in God.


Pastor Elric asks the Meant To Be team to perform at their church for Sunday service. But one of the band members don't believe in God so it's somewhat of an issue for her to do it.


ChristinaGrimmieLove as Ballerina

FalcoLombardi99 as Falco

MistyMelissa as Kylie

Melody Phoenix as Melody

TheEmmaShow as Emma

AlyssaTheMusicGeek as Alyssa

JohnJD1302 as John

PinkStar19 as Natalia

DancertheSinger as Dancer

TheSkyOfTomorrow as Sky

Coolharry64 as Harry

Elizabeth Georgeos as Ella

Guest Stars

6f5e4d as 6f

TBD as Adore Delano

TBD as Pastor Elric Carmos

TBD as the choir

TBD as the church attenders


  • This is the second episode to have a different version of the theme song.
  • This is the first and currently only episode to discuss religion.
  • All the songs are Christian songs in this episode.
  • This is the first episode to not have any pop songs.
  • This episode has the most guest stars with 118 guest stars, which are mostly extras on the set.
  • Adore Delano is currently the only RuPaul's Drag Race contestant to cameo in JD: Meant To Be.
  • Despite appearing in the episode Falco doesn't sing at all, he plays the guitar instead of singing in this episode.
  • There was lots of backlash across Twitter and Instagram when the episode was announced, where fans mostly bashed the writers for focusing on only one religion instead of the others. A few days later fans also noticed the lack of diversity amongst religions and beliefs in the series as well.
    • This led to the staff team apologizing on the show's main Twitter account.
  • Melody and Ballerina are the only characters who sing a song without the others in this episode.


Singing Whenever! (Gospel Version) - Theme - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

Unbreakable by Fireflight - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

I Luh God by Erica Campbell - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

Feel Invincible by Skillet - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

Love Broke Through by TobyMac - sung by Ballerina and Melody

Amazing Grace - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

Joy To The World - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

I Adore God - original song - sung by Meant To Be, the choir and Adore Delano

Something In The Water by Carrie Underwood - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

Every Time You Run by Manafest - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

Goodbye by 2NE1 - sung by Meant To Be and the choir

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