Meant To Detention is an episode in Season 4 of JD: Meant To Be. The writer and director is FalcoLombardi99, and the release date is in 2017.


The Meant To Be crew each gets a detention from being rowdy in Mr. McCloud's class and they have to sit in detention for 2 hours.


Mr. McCloud's whole class gets a after school detention for 2 hours due to them being way too rowdy in his class.


ChristinaGrimmieLove as Ballerina

FalcoLombardi99 as Falco

6f5e4d as 6f

DancertheSinger as Dancer

Melody Pheonix as Melody

TheEmmaShow as Emma

TheSkyOfTomorrow as Sky

MistyMelissa as Kylie

Coolharry64 as Harry

JohnJD1302 as John

AlyssaTheMusicGeek as Alyssa

PinkStar19 as Natalia

Just Dance Central as J.D. Central

BiggestFanEver101 as Fan

Elizabeth Georgeos as Ella

Special Guests

  • BeccaSchmecca as Rebecca
  • TBA as Mr. McCloud
  • TBA as Jimmy
  • TBA as Sarah
  • TBA as Tobias
  • TBA as Eric
  • TBA as Oishii Oishii P1
  • TBA as Nicoletta
  • TBA as Jordan
  • TBA as Nina
  • TBA as Fredrico
  • TBA as Ben
  • TBA as Kenny
  • TBA as Tennyson
  • TBA as Josephine


  • This episode has one of the largest amounts of special guests.
  • Mr. McCloud is the second Star Fox based character in the series after Falco.
  • This episode has the least amount of songs with 3, not counting the theme.
    • All of the songs are original.
  • Oishii Oishii P1 is the first and currently only Just Dance character to be in the series (not counting the Just Dance School crossover characters).
  • Ben and Tennyson resemble Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10.


Mr. McCloud: That's it, all you guys get detention this Thursday!

Sarah: What?!

Ballerina: Did you not get detention before?

Sarah: Never in my life!

Ballerina: Same!

(heavy breathing)


J.D. Central: This is all my fault. Dancer and Emma are missing a great deal, Ballerina's crying so much she's hiccuping, and Kylie, I have no idea, but this is all on me!

Emma: Hm. I agree.


Ben: I could've been at a karaoke bar! I coulda been watching game shows! My parents are now just going to whoop my-

Nina: Shhh! McCloud can hear from afar...

Ballerina: *muttering* Would he hear the compilation of bad words I'mma drop right now?

Nina: Yes.

Ballerina: But how did you he- I'm not going to ask. Just forget it.


Singing Whenever! - Theme - sung by Meant to Be

Quit Being Rowdy - Original Song - sung by Mr. McCloud

Detention - Original Song - sung by Meant to Be and the guest stars

Finally Going Home - Original Song - sung by Meant to Be and the guest stars

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