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Season 1

No. overall No. in season Title Airdate
1 1 Pilot March 1, 2016
A group of friends decide to form a singing group.
2 2 Talk To Him! March 8, 2016
Julia has a crush on Nate, a new guy who just joined their school. But after she finds out he has a girlfriend, all hell breaks loose.
3 3 Meant To Be (Forever) March 15, 2016
After a few rumors about Dancer, Emma, Pearl, Kitty, and Ballerina, the group considers telling them off, with some help...
4 4 In The Middle Of Nowhere March 22, 2016
When their tour bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the group has to deal with hardship.
5 5 The Singing Competition March 29, 2016
Dancer, Ballerina, Pearl, Emma, and Kitty enter the Sing It! competition against Royalty Meets Death. How's it going to go?
6 6 Winners? April 5, 2016
It's Meant To Be versus Meant to Be Meets Death in a major singing competition. Who will be the winner?
7 7 School Day April 12, 2016
It has been a lovely month of fame for the gang, but now they have to face an everyday routine for kids and teenagers: school.
8 8 Broken Heart April 19, 2016
Dancer and Ballerina have been dating ever since the love song in Talk To Him! However, they break up, and Ballerina is losing her joy. How can Emma and Pearl cheer Ballerina up?
9 9 Stairs in a School? April 26, 2016
The group finds a secret staircase in the school. But it doesn't lead to where you think it leads to.
10 10 The First Kiss That Wasn't Sadness May 10, 2016
Dancer and Ballerina are finally back together and they kiss. Royalty Meets Death is working on a plan to get them away from one another again, but after they kiss, the plan doesn't work, but maybe it does.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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