Just Dance School: Meant To Be (Part Two) is an episode of Season 4 in Meant To Be.


This episode is fixed on Just Dance School characters in Sing It! Academy.


What happened at Sing It! Academy when the students switch school?


PoPiPo: Who's that cute guy over there?

Birthday: I don't know. I heard from Ballerina and Emma that he's bisexual. You should go talk to him.

PoPiPo: No, no no no no. Not going to happen- oh, now it's happening.


PoPiPo: (laughing uncontrollably) Hi J.D.. My name is PoPiPo.

J.D.: Hold on a sec bae there's this weird girl over here.

PoPiPo: I'll just- maybe- (leaves)

J.D.: Thanks.

Birthday: I take it things didn't go well?

PoPiPo: No...

Birthday: Thought so.


PoPiPo: Ugh... I just wish the week would be over already.


Singing Whenever/Our Dancing Passion - sung by the cast of Just Dance School & Meant To Be

Really Wanna Get With You - Original - sung by PoPiPo

The Poison - Original - sung by Birthday and Emma

Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry - sung Teacher and Want To Want Me

Don't Mind (Meant To Be Edition) by Kent Jones - sung by J.D.

24k Magic by Bruno Mars - sung by Just Dance School and Meant To Be

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