JoeyCentral is the ship between J.D. Central and Joey Balervino.

Other Names

J.D. Balervino (J.D. Central/ Joey Balervino)


After Ballerina fails at getting J.D. a girlfriend she meets Joey. She decides to get J.D. and Joey together. And then after J.D. finds out Ballerina set this up he breaks up with Joey. But then,after truly knowing him they start dating.


  • Both of their names start with J.
  • They tried for the same part in The School Play.
    • Joey ended up playing Ghaston.
  • There first date was with Demancer and they went out for Chinese food and played Just Dance.
    • The first date they went on alone was pizza and Boo! A Madea Holoween

Similarities And Differences


  • They both love Joey Graceffa.
  • They both tried out for Gaston.
  • They both love Glee.


  • J.D. is outgoing; Joey is shy.
  • J.D. is bi; Joey is gay.
  • J.D. likes comedies; Joey likes musicals.


  • Color-The official JoeyCentral color is purple. J.D. has purple-silverish hair and Joey has dark purple hair.
  • Animal-The official animal is the wolf. This is beacause the both love Joey Graceffa and he has a dog named Wolf.
  • Number: The official number is 1,000,000 beacause in Double Date they say there's a list of about a million things they want to do together.


  • Don't Wait by Joey Graceffa- They both love Joey Graceffa and they sing this song when they first fall in love.
  • Be Our Guest by Beauty And The Beast- They perform this song in The School Play,the episode they start dating.
  • Into You by Ariana Grande- They both like this song and they sang this song on their first date.

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