Welcome to the Wiki shop!

Welcome to the JD: Meant To Be Wiki Shop! Here, you can buy avatars, exclusive content, and much more! You can use the content you purchased as your profile picture, on your userpage, or message walls. You can buy things with MTB points. In order to get MTB points, you need to earn the badge. To make a purchase, you need to contact our mail, which can be revealed from any admin.

You cannot use the images you didn't buy nor share them with other users. If you do this, an admin will remove the picture and you will get a warning.

You can contact our accountant here. Visit our help page here.



As mentioned above, in order to make purchases, you need to earn badges. If you earn the badge, you need to inform our accountant before claiming the points. 

These are the badges:

 Buy Avatars!



All of the packs cost 300 MTB points.


All of the packs cost 300 MTB points.


Coming soon!



All of the credits:

Founder: TheEmmaShow

Accountant: TheEmmaShow

Avatar maker: TheEmmaShow

Badge makier: TheEmmaShow

Help: TheEmmaShow, JustADancer, SabrinaCarpenterLove

Main stars who thought of the ideas for their packs: 





Do you need help or want to report a thieves? Talk to our accountant or any other admin. Or you can talk to anyone who participated in the project, so you can find out about their inspiration for the packs!

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