This is a list of episodes from JD: Meant To Be: The Golden Era.

Season One

EP1: Coming Back - After months of not talking to each other, Ballerina rediscovers her friends Melody, John, and Falco; they reband together to try to salvage Meant To Be.

EP2: Swiggity Swooty - When she gets rejected by the college of her choice, Melody decides to give up school for the Internet; her friends try to talk to her.

EP3: Strange Day - A series of weird events occur, leading to a misbelief that the Meant To Be household has been haunted.

EP4: What Depression Does - Melody helps a friend with overcoming depression; John and Ballerina disprove a student's point that a person could time travel.

EP5: Tat Troubles - The school staff confronts Melody for having a tattoo. The band try to talk to them about the issue, since it is a creativity school.

EP6: The Dark Day - Four shooters target 10 open members of the LGBTQ+ community and the band tries to help people understand the issue.

EP7: Kara-okay? - Meant To Be has a karaoke night.

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