J.D. Central is a main charecter from JD: Meant To Be. He is played by Just Dance Central.

Official Description

J.D. Central is a student with a record of awards. Although he is smart, sometimes he's a bit forgetful. He also loves Mario and Just Dance. He's also dramatic and acts spoiled, but he calls it just acting.


He usually wears a gaming tee. But y'know nerds can have a sense of fashion too. He loves to wear jeans. He's a little pudgy but pretty tall. Like 5 feet. He also loves to wear spiked belts.


  • His portrayer created a show of his own that is supposed to have a crossover episode.
  • J.D. has a crush on one of the band members.
    • This crush is involved with an embarrassing thing that happened to him.

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