I Think You're Really Cute is a song in Just Dance School. It was in Just Dance School: Meant To Be (Part One). It is sung by Joey,Ballerina,Can't Feel My Face, and Cheap Thrills


Can't Feel My Face: I think you're really really cute

Cheap Thrills: He doesn't mean it, don't listen to him

Joey: But I have a boyfriend

CFMF: So, it's just a little kiss

CT: He doesn't mean it. He's lying.

Ballerina: How would you know if he wasn't telling the truth?

CT: Because he's done this before.

CFMF: So did you.

Joey: Please do not try to hook up with me.

CFMF: I do not wish to.

Joey, Ballerina, CT: But we do.

CFMF: So what if I just kiss him?

Ballerina: That would be call cheating.

CFMF: For who?

Joey: For me.

CFMF: Well, a little dirt never hurt anyone.

CT: Oh, but you plan a lot

Ballerina: Wait, he does?!

Joey: Just get away from me and nobody gets hurt.

CT: (Talking) Wait a minute who said something about getting hurt.

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